Best hand soap? The existence of such a thing had never entered my manly mind until one day my wife brought home just exactly this: The Best Hand Soap. I had never been a just over the top avid hand washer until Mrs. Meyers Clean Day soap walked through the doors into my house.

This stuff smells amazing, I like to work on old motorcycles and scooters, this often leaves my hands very greasy and grimey. What ever the old soap we had was could not handle this grit. Mrs. Meyers the best hand soap ever cut straight down to my skin and left the entire room smelling fresh. Typical hand soaps I had used my entire life until now had two end results either leaving my hands incredibly dry or feeling like I had just layed 3 layers of coco butter on my hands. Mrs. Meyers does neither when my hands dry from the water they feel natural and crisp. Not only are the results amazing this soap bottle does not look annoying and lasts a long time!

This soap is the real deal I have even encouraged people who come over to wash their hands with my soap because it is amazing. I am claiming it to be the best hand soap produced to date.

Do yourself a daily favor and get the best hand soap ever here –> Mrs. Meyers

the best hand soap


best hand soap